We have a working platform hidden in the Tor network to facilitate neighborhood investigations. The decision to locate the platform inside the Tor network responds to the need to work with a sufficient level of privacy and anonymity to protect its users (individuals and collectives) from the massive and particular surveillance of digital communications. All the software used in the platform is free and open source.

To connect to our hidden services on the TOR network, you must first go to the Tor Project, and click on the icon of your operating system to download Tor Browser. It is a Firefox-based browser specially created to enter the TOR network without having to configure anything. You just open it and it automatically connects you.
If you need a free account you can contact us at


An online work platform to facilitate the coordination of research. The platform consists of an installation of Nextcloud with this software included:

  • GPX Edit: GPX maps editing tool.
  • Onlyoffice: Desktop suite with text editor, spreadsheets, etc...
  • Phonetrack: Real time phone tracking system to locate your friends in dangerous situations.
  • Sensor logger: System to receive data from environmental sensors.
  • Notes: Online backed up notes.
  • Bookmarks: Bookmark the urls of your investigations.
  • Forms: Online forms. Public and private.
  • Scanner: Scanner tool compatible with the vast majority of scanners.
  • Camera Raw previews: View RAW format images considered the digital negative.
  • MD5sum: Check the integrity of your digital files.


Torified email client with PGP support.


Free and open source code repository. You can use it to replicate code repositories that you have on other platforms such as Gitlab or Github. The changes you make in your main repository are automatically updated in our repository.


Minimalistic pastebin. The server does not know the pasted data. You can use it to share text and code. Its storage and transmission are encrypted, it allows you to assign a self-destruction time for the contents, set a password and has a comment system.


Free and open source QR code generator. You can use it to generate QR codes for your organization.