You can contact the through various channels:

For your safety and ours, to protect your anonymity and avoid retaliation, we recommend that you take extra precautions when dealing with information about environmental attacks in your area. We suggest the use of the TOR browser which hides the IP address of the device from which you are connecting and other information that may reveal your identity in the event that someone should want to identify your communication with us. See here how to install TOR on your Linux, Mac or Windows computer.

Opción 1
Contact us using your regular, unencrypted, end-to-end monitored email account, hosted by, Communication will be monitored by your email provider and we will not be able to maintain any degree of security.

Opción 2
Contact us using a secure email account of the Swiss provider so that the communication is encrypted from end to end.

1. Close all applications on your computer.
2. Open the TOR browser.
3. Create a free email account in Protonmail to communicate with us and write from there to The email will be encrypted just by clicking on send.

If you are a PGP encryption user you can download our public key here.

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